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Amifer® (Iron)

Therapeutical class : Healthcare
Active Ingredient : Iron

Presentation :
Every 5 ml contains: 30 mg of elemental iron; 2,5 mg of Folic acid and 0,02 mg of Vitamin B12. Bottle of 200 ml.
Dosage :
Dosage for iron supplementation: Infants (0-12 months) 30 mg/day of iron = 5 ml of Amifer® syrup Children (1-13 years) 30 mg/day of iron = 5 ml of Amifer® syrup Adolescents (> 14 years) and adults, 60 mg/day of iron = 10 ml of Amifer® syrup Dosage to treat severe anaemia: > 14 years: 120 mg/day of iron= 20 ml of Amifer® syrup (during 3 months)
Information :
Amifer® syrup contains important elements for your health. Amifer® syrup is used to treat and prevent iron and folic acid deficiency. This syrup can be used by people with iron deficiency or low dietary iron, during pregnancy, in case of postpartum iron deficiency anaemia, in case of severe or mild anaemia, or prophylactically to prevent iron and folic acid deficiency.


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